Below are testimonials from some of our members.

Bethany aged 10

"Everyone is very friendly. I love the dancing, singing and acting. Auntie Joe and Rachel are very good at organising everyone and thinking of all the dances and I've made lots of new friends".

Issy aged 10

"I love being part of Trinity Juniors because I love dancing and singing. It has given me the chance to make new friends and is helping me get more confident each day!"

Lucy aged 7

"I love Trinity because everyone works together so well, and it's so dramatic! I also love how we deliver our lines. Also, how it's so funny. It's really fun as well!!"

Rose aged 11

"I love Trinity because we get to choose what we do, whether it's dancing, singing, acting or comedy. It's always a joy to go on Saturday, even if it's been a busy day. All the kids there are really friendly and very polite and, I'm going to be honest with you, I like the fact we get biscuits and juice at break!"

Zac aged 12

Zac likes to socialise with his friends and meet new friends, and be able to sing, dance and act.

Mollie aged 16

"I enjoy being a part of Trinity Juniors because it's lots of fun and you are guaranteed to make lots of new friends. From my experience so far I have gained so much confidence".

Summer aged 9

"I have been part of Trinity Juniors since the start. Whilst at Trinity Juniors I have developed my dancing, singing and acting skills. I enjoy Trinity Juniors because Joe and Rachael are enthusiastic and energetic and make all kids feel welcome".